Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Cryptocurrencies

* But were afraid to ask

How to cash in
on cryptos in 2018

2017 was the
year of Bitcoin.

Erik Finman, Bitcoin Millionaire

It not only shook up the financial markets - you heard about it in the news everywhere you turned. Media sources can’t resist stories like the kid from Idaho who took a small gift from his grandma and became a “cryptocurrency millionaire”.

But if you’re like most people you either:

Still don’t get what the heck this cryptocurrency stuff is all about...



You’ve known about Bitcoin for a while, and you kick yourself every day because you feel like you missed the boat…

IMPORTANT: Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cryptocurrency.


(But most people don’t know about those yet)

What I’m about to share could very well change your financial future forever, and then again it might not. That’s up to you.

But one thing is for sure, this information and the Alliance that's behind it are DEFINITELY going to piss off the establishment.

This letter will answer your most pressing questions:

  • What are cryptocurrencies and how do they really work?
  • Are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies going to crash?
  • How can I make money from cryptocurrencies?!?
    (Even if I don’t have a lot of money to start with!)

And if you’re a little skeptical, no worries. I was too.

As a real estate investor I’ve always been very traditional in my investments, preferring tangible assets to playing the markets.

Here’s the thing: if after reading this you still don’t believe crypto is the future, I’m going to show you how to...

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My name is Cody Sperber, founder and CEO of Clever Investor.

Before we talk about the massive financial opportunity associated with cryptocurrencies let’s take just a quick minute to understand…


And we’re gonna do this super quick because you can always dig in more once you’re inside the member’s area. For now, the most important thing to understand about cryptocurrencies is that this isn’t just about money.

Yes, this is an exciting financial market and there is plenty of potential to make money, but…

“It’s the TECHNOLOGY behind cryptocurrencies that’s making the smartest people in the world so excited”

Cryptocurrency is powered by
something called BLOCKCHAIN

You might have heard of Blockchain from the internet or the news, but ultimately it’s just a massive interconnected list of records that is continuously growing and getting stronger.
  • It’s secure
  • It’s private
  • It’s decentralized
  • It’s not controlled by the government
  • It’s not owned by major corporation
  • It’s not controlled by any individuals

It was created by the people to be an open and fair system that cuts out the need for the middle man.

And that’s why
the banks are so scared

And what do old and outdated institutions do when they get scared?

They try to keep the people down.

You might have heard the CEO of JPMorgan criticizing Bitcoin in the news. When asked what he would say if one of his investment managers invested in Bitcoin his response was... “They’re stupid.”

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase
Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase

That’s funny. Why then has JPMorgan been trying to start their own crypto technology for years, even going so far as to file for a patent to do so?

Moral of the story: you can’t believe the critics until you look into it for yourself.

The writing's on the wall that crypto is the future.

And it’s a future where the banks will no longer control our money and profit off of our every transaction.

Cryptocurrencies, and specifically Blockchain technology, are the vehicles to get us there.

And while I could bore you with all the technical specs and applications of Blockchain, for now, just know that…

“Blockchain is the biggest BREAKTHROUGH
in technology since the Internet”

Just like the Internet, Blockchain can be used for many things – WAY more than just buying and selling goods and services.

In fact, the 2nd largest cryptocurrency isn’t a currency at all, at least in the way we think of money in a traditional sense.

The world’s second largest cryptocurrency is called Ethereum, and it actually IS a Blockchain (and it’s way more sophisticated than that used by Bitcoin).

Ethereum allows people to exchange anything with anyone, anywhere.

They call these types of exchanges Smart Contracts, and the applications for this technology are limitless.

For example...

This cryptocurrency has developed a network for low-interest loans backed by digital currency

This cryptocurrency is trying to solve major problems in the prescription drug industry

We'll go over each cryptocurrency in the member’s area. For now you just need to know that there are literally Blockchain applications ranging all the way from hog farming to diamond mining (and we’re just getting started).

The best thing about the crypto movement is that it’s all the about COOPERATION and the creation of ALLIANCES

There’s power in numbers and when we all work together, the only loser is the establishment.

Even major corporations realize that the shift is happening. They know that if they don’t come together, they’re going to get left behind.

Here’s a perfect example…

Enterprise Alliance Members Include:

When you see the world’s most powerful companies, companies from every industry, getting behind Blockchain, despite the fact they have NO WAY TO EVER CONTROL IT, it’s a good indicator that crypto is the future.

Let’s get to how all this creates a financial opportunity for YOU…

If you think of Blockchain as the biggest thing since the Internet, there are obviously going to be winners and losers. In other words…

You want to pick the Google, and not the Yahoo.

And that’s a big part of the reason the Cryptocurrency Alliance was formed, to help you know the winners from the losers…

But here’s the thing…

“It’s not just about WHAT cryptocurrencies you pick, it’s about WHEN you pick them”

Think about it like this…

If you would have gotten into Yahoo early enough, you still could have made a fortune.

It doesn’t matter if Google got bigger. It’s all about timing.

Let’s use Bitcoin as an example.


Invested Jan 1st 2017
1,278% gain
Invested Jan 1st 2011
4,326,029% gain
As of Jan 1, 2018

Now, obviously you would have been happy to turn $1000 into over $10,000 in profit. That isn’t your typical investment return to say the least.

Wouldn’t you rather learn how to get in early?

Remember, there were a BUNCH of cryptocurrencies that outperformed Bitcoin in 2017, and we’re going to share those with you in the member’s area.

More importantly though, the biggest opportunities are yet to come.

There are new cryptocurrencies hitting the market all the time. They’re called…

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s)

When you hear of people turning a small investments into MILLION$, it is usually because they got in early.

An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is how a new cryptocurrency hits the market. They are speculative and not recommended if you don’t know what you’re doing (or have connections with smart people who do.)

That’s why being a part of the Cryptocurrency Alliance is so important. How else will you find out about the biggest opportunities DIRECTLY from the source?

Here’s An Example of How This Made Me Big $$$…

Not long ago, because of a relationship I made through the Cryptocurrency Alliance, I got the chance to participate as an early investor in an ICO.

While I won’t share the amount of money I made, let’s just say…

I made more money in 1 day from an ICO than I did from all my other investments COMBINED last year.”

And that’s saying quite a bit, because I’ve been a successful real estate investor for a very long time. I made my first million by age 28 and I was a multi-millionaire by 30, so I think it is safe to say I know what I’m doing.

Not to brag, but I’ve even been recognized by a wide variety of media as an authority in real estate investing:

So as you can imagine, when I told my friends and family that I was getting into cryptocurrency, they thought I was nuts.

“Don’t you think Bitcoin is going to crash?” they asked.

When you hear people ask the question it really just shows me they are missing the bigger picture.

And that’s ok, it’s not their fault.

Cryptocurrencies are so new that hardly anybody REALLY knows about them.

There are SO many cryptocurrencies and you’ll get an in-depth look at them as an Alliance member.

Remember, at the end of the day, if you stay an outsider looking in, your chances of hitting one of them big are slim to none.

Example cryptocurrencies you’ll learn about in the member’s area...

It’s all about having access to the best information from the leading experts, and getting the information before anyone else does.

Let me prove it to you:

When I first learned about cryptocurrencies, like most people, I was hesitant to say the least.

I didn’t really understand it, but I just knew that my geeky friends were getting rich and I wasn’t (even though I’m a bit of a geek myself).

I was suffering from a serious case of “Crypto FOMO”.

FOMO = Fear of Missing Out

Every time I would talk to my friends or turn on the news and hear about how much money people were making, it would kill me.

I literally would feel sick to my stomach that I was missing out.

So when I decided to get into cryptocurrency I made the decision to go on a quest to learn from the best of the best.

I traveled around the country and documented everything on video. Some of those videos you’ll see in the member’s area. So naturally, the very first person to get this cutting edge crypto information was none other than my video editor.

His name is Steven, and the minute he heard about a hot new cryptocurrency* we learned about when making videos for the Alliance he immediately went and bought it.

Like most people, Steven didn’t have a ton of extra money to put into an investment like this, so he put in the amount he was comfortable with which at the time was less than $1000.

Well, as I expected, that particular cryptocurrency hit big, so big in fact that Steven made 4 times his money in the first 30 days.

Is he rich yet? Nope, but making 4X your money in less than a month ain’t too shabby, and he’s smart enough to reinvest those profits.

*You’ll get details on this cryptocurrency on the very 1st video in the member’s area.

Now, that’s obviously just a fraction compared to the millionaires that are being created every day…

And since beginning my journey to form the Cryptocurrency Alliance I’ve met investors ranging from people like Steven who are making money as an investor for the first time in their lives, all the way to a guy who made $600,000,000 in cryptocurrencies in just one year.

The point is that when you’re with the Alliance, you don’t need a ton of money to get started because you’re no longer an outsider reacting to the market.

When you’re in the Alliance you’re with us, helping create the markets.


Remember, cryptocurrencies are still at their very INFANCY.

To put it in perspective, let’s compare the Cryptocurrency Market to the Gold Market.

CRYPTO $700 Billion
GOLD $7.7 Trillion

Source: The Money Project

Keep in mind that gold, which is often thought of as a “conservative” investment, hasn’t been used to make an actual purchase for hundreds of years.

Despite this fact, the size of the gold market is $7 TRILLION larger than the ENTIRE cryptocurrency market.

And keep in mind, this doesn’t even take into consideration silver and other precious metals.

The Cryptocurrency Movement Has Only Just Begun

Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are still babies compared to other financial markets. Remember, cryptocurrencies are still in their very infancy.

But don’t be fooled, this baby is growing up quick.



In 2017 the total amount of money invested into the cryptocurrency market grew by over 4,000%, going from $17 billion to over $700 billion in total market cap.

That kind of growth is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our lifetime, and it’s just getting started.

“For the first time in your life… don’t you want to be in front of a trend like that?”

So if you feel like you missed out on the Bitcoin boom, don’t sweat it. The party’s just getting started.

And like any party, it’s never any fun by yourself.

That’s why I’m about to invite you to become a member of the Cryptocurrency Alliance.

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